Algebra 2

Students, who look for help with their algebra homework or classwork, usually think of getting extra coaching from faculty or studying with a classmate who knows the subject really well. While both methods can help you get by, they’re not always effective.
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Help For Algebra 2

Help with algebra 2 is available from online algebra math problem solvers who go into the details of each problem. Many also explain the concepts and show examples that you can easily follow at your own pace. If you are looking for help in algebra 2, online algebra solvers are certainly worth a try. From homework help to helping you get ready for tests and exams, these online algebra helpers are a great way to get help with algebra 2. It helps to solve equations as well as inequalities.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Solve for x, 7x + 16 = 3x + 5

Given, 7x + 16 = 3x + 5

Subtract 3x from both sides of the equation,

=> 7x - 3x + 16 = 3x - 3x + 5

=> 4x + 16 = 5

Subtract 16 from both sides of the equation,

=> 4x + 16 - 16 = 5 - 16

=> 4x = - 11

Divide both side by 4,

=> $\frac{4x}{4} = \frac{-11}{4}$

=> x = $\frac{-11}{4}$, is the solution.


Question 2: Find the value of x, for all whole numbers.

7x - 3 $\leqslant$ 11

7x - 3 $\leqslant$ 11

Add 3 from both sides of the equations,

=> 7x - 3 + 3 $\leqslant$ 11 + 3

=> 7x $\leqslant$ 14

Divide both side by 7,

=> $\frac{7x}{7}$ $\leqslant$ $\frac{14}{7}$

=> x $\leqslant$ 2

=> Values of x are 0, 1 and 2.